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  SPI Tools
Part #Product NamePricePromotion PriceOrder Now
3103732LISP Testclip (SO16W) 55.00
31037310ISP Serial Flash Programmer SF100 230.00
31037314Backup Boot Flash Kit-SO8W Package (SBK01) 375.00
3103732O10-Pin ISP Split Cable (ISP-SP-CB) 25.00
31037332Backup Boot Flash Module-SO8N(150mil) socket BBF_8N 95.00
3103731BBackup Flash Board with SO8W Socket (BBF-SO8W) 95.00
3103732CBackup Flash Board with SO16W Socket (BBF-SO16W) 95.00
31037331Backup Boot Flash Module-Dual SO8N(150mil) Sockets BBF-D8N 135.00
3103732HBBF Testclip SO8 (BBF-TC-8) 50.00
3103732IBBF Testclip SO16W (BBF-TC-16) 50.00
3103732JISP Testclip SO8 (ISP-TC-8) 50.00
3103732KSF100 ISP cable (ISP1-CB) 6.00
31037318Backup Boot Flash kit-SO8N(150mil) Socket (SBK-09) 375.00
3103732EBackup Boot Flash Module-Dual SO16W Sockets (BBF-D16W) 135.00
3103732DBackup Boot Flash Module-Dual So8W Sockets (BBF-D8W) 135.00
31037315Backup Boot Flash Kit -SO16W (SBK03) 375.00
31037316Backup Boot Flash Kit -Dual SO8W (SBK05) 435.00
31037317Backup Boot Flash kit-Dual SO16W (SBK07) 435.00
3103733NISP Evaluation Kit (ISP-Eval-01) 255.00
3103731NSPI Flash Programmer (SF600) 285.00
3103732BRace100 Serial Flash Gang Programmer call for price
31037319Backup Boot Flash Kit -Dual SO8N(150mil) Sockets (SBK-11) 435.00
3103732LBBF Testclip Dual flash (SO8W 207mil) (BBF-2TC-8) 70.00
3103732MBBF Testclip Dual Flash (SO16W 300mil) (BBF-2TC-16) 75.00
3103732YDual-1.27mm(2x4) to 2.54mm(2x5) cable adaptor (BBF-CB3 ) 17.00
3103732N1.27mm(2x4) to 2.54mm(2x5) cable adaptor (BBF-CB2) 15.00
3103732FBackup Boot Flash Module-DIP Socket (BBF-DIP) 80.00
3103732P1.27mm 2x4 SMT male header(50 pieces) (HD-1) 35.00
3103731CSF300 All-in-one Serial Flash Programmer 490.00
3103733PSPI Flash Emulator (EM100) 665.00
3103734AEEPROM Programmer (EE100) 145.00
31037807Intel ISP Adaptor A(mated with SF100) 8.00
31037833ISP Cable Adaptor (1.27mm) (ISP-ADP-127) 12.00

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