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  Learning Kits
Part #Product NamePricePromotion PriceOrder Now
3104L003LP-2900 / LP-ARM9-2410-KIT 730.00
3104L006LP-ARM9-2410-SYSTEM 700.00
3104L010Universal PCI Development System 550.00
3104L008CPLD/FPGA Simple Digital Logic Circuit Design Experiment Board ( 400.00
3104L004CPLD/FPGA Digital Logic Circuit Design Experiment Kit (LP-2900) 380.00
3104L009Smart Logic Design Experimental Kit (LP-2600) 500.00
3104L012CPLD/FPGA Logic Circuit Design Experimental Kit (FPT-1) 150.00
3104L013CPLD / FPGA Logic Circuit Universal Board / Chip Board (FPT-2) 200.00
3104L014CPLD/FPGA Simple Logic Circuit Design Board (FPT-3 Plus) 70.00
3104L019Green Power (GP-6W) 880.00
3104L018RFID Experimental Trainer (LP-2010) 660.00

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